Is anyone else prepping for tomorrow's Lilly Pulitzer sale?!  I'm excited to snag a few goodies, but it seems like this year's sale is a whole new ballgame.  I have my list of wants ready but won't be disappointed if I don't get everything I'm hoping for.  From past experience and reading the new rules, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

1.) Go for the section where you want the most goodies first.
Shorts and popovers tend to go quickly, so if you want those, add them first.

2.) If you absolutely want something, grab it and check out!
Items in your cart are not guaranteed!  Also new this year, there is no checking out and shopping further.  Once you check out, you'll have to get back in line.  This is how the Lilly tech team will be making sure the site doesn't get overloaded.

3.) Be sure to check the site often.
In the last sale, I snagged two additional dresses on the second day of the sale!  In the past there have been flash sales later in the afternoon as well.

4.) Signature stores and via stores also have sales.
If you miss out on your must-haves, check out some other stores that carry Lilly!  Not only are you supporting a small business, sometimes they price match or even have better prices and some have better customer service!

5.) Update your info online.
Being prepped makes checkout quicker!

I'm also sharing some must have items from the sale.  On the top are items that I currently own and love (the Briellas are so comfy, Elsas are an obvious, and What A Racquet has been my surprise print obsession!) and the bottom row are items I am hoping to get tomorrow!  I'm sure I'll change my mind many more times before the morning, so we'll see what happens.
Happy Shopping ladies!