Butterfly Dress from Moxie Style | Dolce Vita Fringe Booties from Nordstrom Rack (sold out online, but may still be in your local store) | H&M Fringe Cuff (in stores)

Today I'm excited to show off two of my most recent purchases that I am beyond obsessed with.  Finding these Dolce Vita booties was pure luck as these appear to be from a previous season.  I love the chunky heel and the peep toe; these will transition well into the fall!  I'm sure you'll be seeing a lot of them over the next few months!  Since we're on the topic of fringe, the H&M Fringe Cuff above is adorable and a total steal at less than $6!  H&M is really on point lately.

The other special purchase was this dress.  I first laid eyes on it through Golden Tote, a clothing subscription that I like to partake in every now and then (check out some previous reviews here, here and here.)  Lately I've found GT to operate differently, mostly because their customer base has grown so quickly.  There are a few other reasons that make GT not as appealing anymore (nothing major that would stop me from buying a tote in the future) but that's not an issue because there are a few new players in the clothing subscription world that I can't wait to test out!

Moxie Style is the first subscription outside of GT that I've tried and so far I really, really like what it's all about.  My first mystery box was a curated set of 3 pieces including the butterfly dress seen above!  Al three were requests that were fulfilled!  I specifically ordered the tote for the butterfly dress, but I'm sure in the future I'll want some surprises as well.  The curators really look at your profile and choose pieces that work for your personality and preferences!  They are constantly improving their subscription based on feedback from the Facebook page, which means a lot as a customer!  Moxie Style recently came up with a new curated tote called Fame! (which I of course ordered) so I will share more on that process when my tote arrives in September.  Fall Fame! totes sold out in record time, but Moxie plans to offer it again in the spring.

Since I'm always looking to try new things, I would love to hear your experiences with clothing subscription boxes and your favorites below!