January 2015 - Paint The Town Chic

Lilly Pulitzer Elsa in Tusk in Sun | Pink Skater Skirt (similar here) | Boots, old

Two things I love are elephants and the color pink, but when paired together, it's one of my favorite combos!  The navy on this elsa pairs so nicely with the pink that I just had to wear them together.  I like the loose fit of the blouse-it can be styled so many different ways.  I can't wait to add more Elsas to my wardrobe.  

I'm also really loving skirts right now.  Now that spring is just around the corner, there are so many fun florals and bright colors that I have my eye on...

I love doing my nails, but sometimes it would be nice to have some fun designs that don't cost a lot of money (salon) or stress (polishing my right hand!)  That's where Jamberry comes in!  I recently had the opportunity to sample Jamberry Nails for the first time, and yes, I was nervous.

I figured it would take a few tries to get it right, so I started off with a sample that I used as an accent nail!

1.) Prepping the Nail

As with any nail procedure, you have to do some prep!  For me, this included watching a bunch of application videos!  Then I washed my hands (Jamberry suggests dish detergent is great for removing oils); shaped my nails; buffed my nails; and cleaned them with nail polish remover.

2.) Remove Wrap

I peeled the wrap back halfway and used the cuticle pusher to remove it from the sheet.  (Don't touch the sticky end because you don't want any oils to get on the wrap.)

3.) Heat Wrap

I heated the wrap with the hair dryer for 15 seconds.  That's longer than what Jamberry suggests, but I felt it was more pliable that way.

4.) Put Wrap on Nail

I placed the wrap on my nail and used the cuticle pusher to seal the edges.  After the wrap on on my nail, I heated it with the hair dryer again for 15 seconds to secure the wrap to my nail!  Jamberry suggests using nail scissors to trim the edges and then file the extra wrap off.  It's so much easier to trim the nail and the wrap with a nail cutter so that you get a more even tip!  I'll make sure my nail is a little longer next time so I can do it this way!

These steps sound easy right?  They're not!  No application is ever perfect the first time around.  I do have some bubbles on both nails - I think my nails are extra curvy and I didn't take extra care to smooth out the edges!  Luckily the design I chose hides the imperfections.

I finished off the look with Zoya Lara.  In the end, I was pleased with my first Jamberry nail experience.  I can't wait to try the beautiful Sugar and Spice set, but I'm thinking I like using Jamberry wraps for accent nails!  Want to give Jamberry a try?  Be sure to contact Xochtil for a sample here!

* These Jamberry samples were gifted, but all opinions expressed above are my own!

Lilly Pulitzer Sherlynn Dress in Of Corsage | H&M Chambray top (similar here) | Booties, old | Necklace, old | Chloe & Isabel bracelet

Here we are, another week and another snowy day.  And the snow keeps on coming (hope my fellow Northeastern gals are staying warm!!)  But the dreary background in these photos really highlight how bright Lilly prints are!  I've had this dress for a while (it actually still needs to be altered) and I've found a way to still wear it and winterize it at the same time!  Yes, I've been pairing this chambray shirt with everything lately, but it's such a staple piece for the winter!

One of my favorite things is to turn a dress into a skirt.  Any piece that can create multiple looks is worth a spot in my closet!  The other piece that has been popping up a lot is that Chloe + Isabel gem bracelet.  I have dressed that same bracelet up and down and it matches everything.  In fact, there are other colors, including a pink, which I'm really thinking I need to have.

Stay tuned for another pink Lilly styled post later this week!

Today I'm kicking off a week full of all things pink!  From styled posts to the Sunday Spotlight, I can't wait to share some fun, girly pieces with you!

I'm a huge fan of prints and whimsical pieces, and these pieces definitely fit that category.  I'm loving all of these!  So many pretty shades to choose from too.  Stay tuned for more fun pink posts...

Everyone has their own style preferences-I think mine varies from classic to trendy depending on the day.  But no matter what you're comfortable in, Wardrobe Boutique has something for you!  If you've been following along, I've been highlighting different aspects of the Wardrobe Boutique, a local resale store in Philadelphia (read more here and here.)  Today we're talking clothes and I'm sharing some of my favorite boutique picks!

The clothes are split up by type and organized by size, which makes it easy to find what you're looking for.  At the front of the store are high end picks and what's new.  As you walk into the boutique, you'll see the racks of shirts and sweaters!

Look at all those colors!  Love that everything is organized by size and then color! Also near this area was the cutest selection of children's clothing!

Next were the racks of skirts and dresses, my favorite!

I saw some lovely patterns and colors, so I figured I'd highlight some of my favorite styles right now!

Metallic Prints
I love metallics prints, but how cute are these neutrals for winter cocktail parties and even transitioning into spring!

(Ark & Co Gold dress, Ann Klein Gold Shift Dress)

Bright Colors
The majority of my outfits include bright colors, even in the winter.  These two pieces are perfect no matter the season!

(Ecru Blue/Black Pants, Sugar Lips Blouse)

Black & White
The black and white color combo is such a classic.  I loved this turtleneck sweater and houndstooth skirt individually, but paired together was perfection!

(Banana Republic Houndstooth Skirt, Ann Taylor Cream Sweater)

Definitely some great finds at Wardrobe Boutique!  If you're interested in any of these pieces, call the ladies at the boutique for availability and pricing (they're all steals if you ask me!)  Can't wait to see what I find on my next visit!

Here we are with the first Ipsy review of 2015!  I think my waits are getting more and more impatient these days!  I had another great bag filled with items I would never have chosen otherwise, which is the beauty of this subscription.

1.) Malin & Goetz Mojito Lip Balm - Let's start with my favorite item of January's bag!  As soon as I saw I would be getting this balm, I couldn't wait to try it.  First off, it's mojito flavor...does it get better?  And in the winter, I also have chapped, dry lips, so this was a lip saver!  I like the formula as it spreads nicely and is calming when applied.  It didn't feel too sticky to me but was very moisturizing.  My only complaint is that I didn't expect it to be shiny, but it's not a huge problem!  After quickly browsing through their website, I think I need to try everything.  This Lip Balm is definitely purse worthy!

2.) Nourish Organic Renewing Eye Cream - I don't typically use eye creams, but I liked this one.  The ingredients include avocado oil, argan oil and shea butter, which is quite the dream team!  My skin felt cool right after applying, which I liked.  This product reduces puffiness and dark circles, and since I don't have much of a problem under my eyes, I can't comment on its effectiveness!  Again, this is a brand that I want ttry other products.  Love that everything is all natural and the cute packaging doesn't hurt!

3.) Bella Pierre Shimmer Powder in Excite - This product didn't excite me, but I also don't mind it.  I don't think I'll use it as an eyeshadow, but more as a highlighter or accent.  It's a very pretty shimmer.  There are a ton of other colors, so I would definitely try another shade!

4.) Pacifica Natural Mineral Coconut Eyeshadow in Treasure - I already own Pacifica eyeshadow from Ipsy, so this was another item that I wasn't anticipating.  But this is a very pretty color with great pigmentation.  This color is not so dark, but adds such a pretty sheen.  I tried something different with my eyeshadow.  I combined the color with face cream and it added a gorgeous glow.  You can see how the color appears mixed with face creme on top and pure eyeshadow on the bottom.  I have to do a better job of mixing the two, but I will be using this trick over the spring/summer.

5.) Elizabeth Mott All Over Shadow Brush - I'm ending this month with this pink brush that I am in love with.  I applied the above Pacifica shadow with this brush and it was perfect!  I would love to see more brushes in future Ipsy bags!

Not a bad Ipsy month after all!  There was a great selection of products and in fact there were a few items I didn't get that I would love to try.  The bag was pretty cute too. The other side of the bag was white; definitely a great color combo for spring!  I'd love to hear about your favorite January items below...

Elle dress (very similar here) | Leopard Sweater, old (love this) | Kohls Booties, old | Lilly Pultizer My Beau Belt, old | Necklaces, Bip and Bop & BaubleBar | Earrings, old

Since the weather doesn't seem to be cooperating with me, I guess I have to cooperate with it!  Between the rain, snow and gloomy weather, I really can't wait for spring to get here.  So sorry for the bad lighting!  I'm continuing with a closet remix challenge and trying not to buy any new clothes for January (aside from Lilly earlier in the month!)  One of my fall/winter staples is leopard, and I paired this leopard print sweater with my trusty black dress from Kohls.  The Elle brand is quickly becoming a favorite of mine!  I found a version very close to what I'm wearing-the only difference is the skirt!  I'm in love with all of the bright colors available now!  This dress can also be dressed up or down, but it's such a great staple for work!

I tried layering the belt over the sweater, and I love the way it looked.  I'm also liking gold jewels with leopard as well.

Over the holidays, I may have overindulged with the snacks, so now I've been wanting to get back on track with my eating!  Healthy snacks can be the hardest to find, but Brookside sure makes snacking a little easier. 

There are 4 different varieties (I have yet to get my hands on the blueberry!) but I was able to sample the newest addition, the Dark Chocolate Crunchy Clusters, through Crowdtap.   

And they are addicting.  In fact, I went through the first bag so quickly, I didn't get a chance to take any photos so I had to get another bag.  Just a few clusters satisfy my sweet tooth without making me feel guilty about the calories!  I also love the crunch that this flavor adds.  The dark chocolate also pairs nicely with red wines, but I'm loving it as a trail mix with almonds and other nuts as a mid morning pick me up!

If you haven't tried Brookside yet, just give it a chance and you'll be hooked too!  My family enjoyed it and I'll be sharing this second bag with my friends and coworkers.  Now that I have the snacking figured out, I have to get back on the workout plan!

* A Brookside Dark Chocolate Crunchy Clusters sample was provided by Crowdtap, but all opinions shared above are my own.
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