2017 was a great year, and I've had so much fun counting down some of my discoveries so far this year (read my 15 beauty discoveries here and my favorite fashion trends here.) Today is the final post of 2017 so I had to make it a good one - a roundup of some of my favorite memories of the year.

PHLBloggers Blog Connect Conference
A huge part of what has been a great blogging year has been PHLBloggers, my local blogging group. I helped plan the yearly conference which ended up being a great experience and brought me closer to the group.  See my party recap here and my conference recap here!

Blogger Photo Shoots
Another great memory from 2017 was getting together with some fellow style bloggers for photo shoots.   Taking photos still feels awkward but getting together with these ladies is always a blast and we end up with the cutest photos!  This photo was from our very first shoot, see the rest of the shoot here!

NYC Trips
Since my sister has moved to NYC, I've taken full advantage of visiting one of my favorite cities!  My favorite memories so far have been walking the Brooklyn Bridge and seeing the Rockettes, 2 things I've wanted to do for a long time!

Celebrating The Holidays 
Switching jobs this year left me with free weekends to enjoy stuff around the city, which I definitely enjoyed to the fullest.  October to December is my favorite time of year and one place in particular that has beautiful displays for Halloween and Christmas is Longwood Gardens.  This is one of my favorite photos from this year - look at the size of that pumpkin!  See my full visit here!

Blogger Event Collabs
I had the pleasure of attending a few events for the blog.  Some of my favorites from the year included Painting With A Twist, Plant Nite, trying out hot yoga for the first time, and seeing the Jurassic World exhibit at my favorite museum, The Franklin Institute!

It was definitely a great year.  Here's to a wonderful 2017 and an even better 2018!